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How To Choose The Most Eye Catching Topic For A Persuasive Essay

When you are going to write a persuasive essay, you have to know all of the rules to write one. You have to pick topic, look for the issue or controversy with that topic, find supporting information on the topic, and then figure out which side of the topic you are on. The point of a persuasive essay is to persuade the to your idea on the subject and they is why your research is so important to the essay. If you try to use facts that are subpar, your essay won’t convince the reader of your side of the argument if you don’t have well thought out facts.

Eye Catching Topics For Your Persuasive Essay

  • Convince your readers to read or watch your favorite movie or book. This is a great essay to use to persuade your reader to do something that you enjoy. You might think this one doesn’t require much research but you would be amazed at how much you have to look up, like reviews and other people’s take on them.
  • Dogs or Cats: which is better? There are dog people and cat people, what are you? Convince your reader which one of these pets are better, do your research so you can have good facts to back up your claim.
  • Could you live an entire day without using anything electronic? Explain why or why not you could do it. Electronics like computers, cell phones, and so on have become an everyday occurrence in our lives but what would it be like to live without them for a day and could you do it.
  • Take two fictional characters from TV, a movie, book, etc and pick which one would be a better date and why? We all can connect with some fictional characters but what would happen if you would take one of them on a date.
  • Pick something that can be done in differently but get the same result and convince your reader which one is the better of the two. This can be how to boil an egg, how to cook something, it can even be whether, and broil, bake, or fry are better ways to do something. You can be creative with this topic and pick anything that has different ways to do something. Make sure the two topics are good ones because you don’t want to pick something and then lose the reader.

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