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Crafting An Expository Essay About Nelson Mandela

You have to make several sacrifices to become the ‘Father of a nation’ as George Washington, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela will make you believe. These gentlemen had one common trait; they never wavered from their decisions and always took the right if strife-ridden path.

The three segments

Now, this company offers great insight into the life of the legend and you can have an in-depth look by clicking the site. His life had multiple shades but they all revolved around his continual tussle for abolition of racism.

If you are to create an expository essay on Nelson Mandela; you have to emphasize on three clear segments of his life; 1918-1962 as a rebel; 1962-1989 as a jailed convict; and 1990 to 2013 as a statesman. Each segment is paved with highs and lows and takes sharp turns at awkward intervals.

The initial angst

Now, Mandela was born in a tribe and lived through racial segregation (abject favoritism of white people) in Africa during his young years. There was natural angst galvanized by the vagaries of youth. He joined many rebel organizations to fight for the abolition of apartheid. He was ultimately jailed for life for national sedition.

He tamed during his stay there, even as the world became more humane. Many countries gained independence during this time and Mandela understood that there is more power in love than hatred. He was a lawyer when free and kept himself busy through rigorous studies.

The path of forgiveness

After his liberation in 1990, Mandela felt that he should take the forgiving stance and brought together the warring tribes of South Africa. He also acted as a refined statesman for the country on a global scale after whisking off racism. He made sure that the country could have an elected leader and he himself became the first president.

His larger-than-life personality and his unwavering principles (somewhat influenced by Mahatma Gandhi) kept him going even in the old age and he became popular in South Africa as Madiba, a reference that has stuck even post his death.

The gratuitous feeling

We all know the improvements South Africa has made in the last two and a half decades. The country will ever owe its greatness to this man who sacrificed most of his life to give it a warm direction. Such is his personality that even when you write an expository essay on him, emotions are bound to surface on the paper.


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