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10 Tips For Creating A Decent Expository Essay On Juvenile Justice

Juvenile justice is a problem that we can’t neglect in our society, and students have to raise awareness regarding this issue. To write an expository essay on this topic you have to search for trustworthy information in various sources, and analyze it in good way. After that, you will be required to make a statement and support it with evidence and facts. These are the best 10 tips to create a great composition on this theme:

  1. Discuss about different countries. In some countries, teenagers over 14 years old are considered adults and they follow the same laws. On the other hand, in some parts of the world you have to be 21 to be judged as an adult. Why is the age so important?
  2. This can be a way to encourage criminals. For some criminals, for example drug dealers, these laws are a real good thing. They can use young children to transport their drugs and they don’t have to worry that those teenagers will be convicted like an adult.
  3. Crime is crime, no matter the age. Juvenile justice can be a bad thing when it is not applied in good way. For example, if a murdered is less than 18 he will be judged in different way and he can avoid jail. Check this website for more information about this.
  4. Do we need Special courts? Teenagers and children are judged in a special court. Why is this necessary?
  5. Why is there an increase in juvenile justice? Do you think that this is happening because the laws are not severe enough? What should the government do?
  6. Should hospitals and centers replace jails? In some countries, criminals under 18 are obligated to join a special rehabilitation center, but they will never go to jail. Most of the time, the rehabilitation is not effective and the children become dysfunctional adults.
  7. Parents should be involved in this? In the end, if a teenager commits a crime it’s also the fault of the parents.
  8. Can the police arrest a minor without his parents or tutor? Do you think that someone should be there to represent him?
  9. Nationality has anything to do with the punishment that a child will receive? Are there countries where some offenders are discriminated because of their origins?
  10. Death penalty. Do you think that death penalty should be also applied by juvenile courts?

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